Papua New Guinea Peaberry

From the Kimel Estate in Papua New Guinea, this Peaberry is vibrant, complex, and full-bodied with chocolate undertones and a long, sweet finish. A medium-light roast keeps this cup extra bright while highlighting the fruity, syrupy quality you love from Papua New Guinea’s Peaberry beans.

The Kimel Estate is cooperatively farmed and owned by the indigenous Opais peoples of the Wahgi Valley. They have their own wet mills like a plantation, but they are actually a group of farms centered around the mill. This is a great advantage to the the harvest, because unlike smaller Indonesian farms, Kimel farmers don't have to travel through poor infrastructure and wetlands to get to the mills. Thanks to the Kimel River, which runs through the estate, a large focus has been made on clean water, and special funding from this co-op plantation goes toward the building of schools for the community.


Costa Rica La Minita Estate

For those who prefer an exquisite, medium bodied cup, the elegant Butterfly Beach roast will have your palate singing. This delicate, medium-light roast highlights the brilliant acidity and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar and fine chocolate coming out of what has been considered one of the finest estate coffees in the world.


La Minita Estate Coffee helms from Hacienda La Minita, an estate from the Tarazzu region of Costa Rica. La Minita’s attention to overseeing the coffee’s production from nursery to mill to ensures we receive the finest quality beans and with our delicate roast, the finish is as smooth as a fine shot of espresso.


Finca Sabanetas El Salvador

Out of a 50-year-old family farm in El Salvador comes the sweet and floral bourbon and pacas that is our Hammonds Reef. If ever there was a specialty coffee for the California wine lover, Hammonds Reef is it. A medium-light roast with notes of vanilla and blueberry, this cup of sweet honey and gentle acidity is what you crave from a Central American bean.


With crop disease and rust striking many farms in El Salvador in the past few years, we have chosen Finca Sabanetas specifically for their excellent production of bourbon and pacas and their recent adoption of Aide Batlle’s superior selection processing methods and milling at Arturo Meza Hill. This means that this particular coffee is both Rainforest Alliance and Aida Batlle Selection approved, producing an exceptionally high quality coffee with the utmost attention to detail. Sweet, fruity, bright and floral, you’ll be sipping this coffee like wine.


Bold French Roast

For the classic coffee drinker who prefers a darker cup, this nutty, rich, volcanic Altura Mexican bean is blended perfectly here with the tropical fruit and honeyed sugar and cream notes of San Augustin of Huila, Colombia. We select the highest grade coffee even for our blends and roast to the second crack without burning the beans. This produces a luscious dark chocolate flavor with hazelnut undertones and never a charcoal finish.


This choice is perfect marriage of dark chocolate, honey, and hazelnut from the volcanic soil of the central and southern mountain ranges of Mexico and the southwest Andean region of Colombia. Our French Roast is also available in decaf utilizing 100% natural, chemical-free, Mountain Water Processing, for those who want to enjoy a cup of this deliciously rich coffee without the jitters.


Palermo Espresso Roast


This exceptional espresso is one to please all palates, from the classic Italian espresso drinker to those that prefer a more contemporary medium roast.


A buttery, syrupy body is dominated by complex caramel notes with a long, smooth chocolate finish giving this espresso a modern twist on bold, classic flavors. Lovely and delicate in a cappuccino or macchiato, but so complex you’ll love the way it stands alone.  


Classic Espresso Roast


For the bitter chocolate--loving classicist, our Firehouse Dark Espresso maintains an integrity and structure strong enough to stand up to steamed milk in a latte or cappuccino, yet still balanced enough to please your palate on its own, with rich hazelnut crema and notes of smooth dark chocolate and stout.


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